November 13, What’s All the Buzz About?

On November 13 (and let’s face it, every day weeks before hand) all the local non-profits come out to ask for your money- your hard earned cash- in the form of tax-deductible donations on what is called Give to the Max Day, organized by GiveMn. I have to admit, the ads and emails and marketing for this day are incredibly… well… I will just say “present”.

If you think I am unlike the others, I guess you’d be wrong, because I am here today letting you know about the school I teach at, Chanson Voice & Music Academy, and our Give to the Max Campaign.

IMG_4636.JPGI am a voice teacher on staff and a board member of Chanson Voice & Music Academy. This school is an amazing community to be a part of! There is passion and excitement around every corner. I have been an active part in this school’s transition into fiscal sponsorship as we continue to branch out towards becoming a full non-profit organization. I am a leader in the Lyrebird choral program and will continue being active in the development of all our school’s programming. The donations made on Give to the Max Day will help make this expansion possible!

IMG_4638.JPGI’m writing to let you know about an opportunity we have to raise extra funds for Chanson Voice & Music Academy. On Thursday, November 13, Springboard for the Arts will donate $10 to CVMA for every person that makes a donation between 10-11am that day. I am hoping you will consider supporting this great music school.

Donations are tax deductible and can be made here.

IMG_4635.JPGIt really is best if you give between 10 and 11 am on Thursday November 13, but of course donating at ANY time is truly appreciated. You can schedule a payment here, now, if you don’t want to worry about missing the day!

Also, you can help by spreading the word about Chanson Voice & Music Academy and our Give to the Max Campaign. Every donation in any amount really adds up!

Thank you so much for your support!


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