Ka-Boom Goes the Dynamite

The artist must create a spark before he can make a fire and before art is born, the artist must be ready to be consumed by the fire of his own creation.
Auguste Rodin

 Just reading that quote makes my heart race a little bit. I think about being on stage and making music. I can see myself in a few different circumstances- In a beautiful concert hall, dressed in a gown, the orchestra playing behind me – On a theatrical stage, in costume, lights and set surrounding me, the story engulfing me – Or in a more intimate setting, the audience within reach, my voice stretching out telling a story.

Each vision involves being overwhelmed by the music, it swirling up and around me, breathing it in and singing it out. I’m a dreamer for sure, but as an artist this is real. This is how we create. If our hope is not to be consumed by our art, than what is it?

Carmen, Habanera, Opera on Tap January 2015 – Photo courtesy of Melanie Tvete

As artists, it is our responsibility to inspire ourselves to inspire others to inspire change.
Ricky Lee Gordon

In the past, when I have tried to pin point what is it that I love so much about performing, I have failed to find words that truly explain it; I tried for a long time without success. I always attempted to express how awesome it is to “feel” live music- how all these singers, actors, instrumentalists, the conductor, the stagehands… all the powers at hand… come together in one moment to bring to life a piece of art. All together you create this “thing”. The performers feels it… the audience feels. And this is not just in classical music, but all genres. Artists come together to create one piece of work and the audience- the viewer- as much a part of the work as any one else. We create.

I recently had to answer a question in an application that asked me why performing arts were important to me. It was here, in this moment of being forced to say the above sentiments professionally, that I finally pieced together my feelings:

The performing arts are so important to me because it is my chance to take what I love (what I was made for) and influence and move other people. It gives me purpose. The most exciting part about performing art is getting the chance to create something that matters to more people than just oneself. To create something that can quite literally change the world. The arts move people; they challenge them; they cause them to question, to doubt, to stand up for something. As an artist, I act as the liaison between the work and the audience. I am ecstatically responsible for the message of the music- be that beauty, pain or strength- and the vision that the audience perceives. Sincerely, where would the emotion of the world be found, if not in art?

Oy- talk about deep… that’s my heart, folks, on a platter.

Carmen, Habanera, Opera on Tap January 2015 – Photo courtesy of Melanie Tvete

 If you have a calling, an urge, something you think about day and night, a passion, it is there for you to follow, to listen to it, to move toward it, and to find out the ways it may bring you more into being your total and complete self. We have all been given unique and extraordinary gifts in order to use them,and to share the wealth and joy of it with others.
Brenda Johima

 My life, as it sits now, is so full of music- so full of my passion. I finally have found a way to weave it all together and make bring music more completely into my daily life. I am working throughout town singing as often as I can, making a modest name for myself. All I can ask is for a chance to perform for people, and those chances are popping up all the time. I am working hard to become the best singer I can be, taking weekly lessons as I have been for the last twelve years, learning more about my voice every day. I attend performances to spark and re-inspire my need to be on stage.

I am teaching others to sing; I encourage them, I help prepare them for auditions, I invite them to nourish their own artistic growth by attending live performances. As a teacher, all I can do is open myself up to my students- act as a mentor, show by example, push buttons in each of my students that might ignite that spark within them. I respond to texts when they have reached a break-through at home. I reply to excited emails about upcoming auditions and repertoire selections. I giggle and squeal with students in their lessons about whatever is happening at home. And I congratulate them on their progress each week before they walk out the door.

My life is rewarding. Each student I come in contact with means something to me and teaches me something. Every role I get the chance to prepare helps me grow as a musician. Every lesson I take teaches me how to be a better teacher myself, and every lesson I teach opens my eyes a little more to what my passions are. Life is good, folks; Mine is full of artistic passion.

Have you found what ignites a fire within you?

Have you found something that lights a spark?



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