Here’s To Us

It’s been so long since I have written a blog post.

So much has happened… so much has changed in my life.

My last entry, posted on February 2, was about reaching out to people whether or not you think they need it. At that time I was just beginning a very messy family situation; one that will continue to be messy for quite some time. In the last month my mind has been less than focused, my emotions running high, and my productivity level has been far from at peak. However, throughout all of this, my ability to function did not cease, my desire to teach remained in tact, and my focus on the end goal never left my sight. I dove into work as hard as I could manage, granted I felt brain-dead much of the time (totally distracted), and then I made sure to relax when I had the chance to. It has been a month and a half of growth.

Throughout this trying time, my studio has continued to grow! I now have reached 25 students and the expansion will continue. My studio gave a very successful recital a month ago (blog post to come!) and the Lyrebird Youth Choir is really thriving this semester (another post to come!). I have been relishing in the joys of teaching. I have so much to update you all on, so please stay tuned.

As I have been growing in my personal life, I have grown in my professional life as well. My abilities and confidence as a teacher have stretched and I feel really great walking into my lessons and rehearsals. Things are getting easier! I feel prepared to teach without much thought, and I leave almost every lesson feeling exhilarated. I am able to transfer things I work on with one student to the next, regardless of their level, and people are making really great strides! I have had multiple students up their lesson length to get more time to work, which is a huge compliment as a teacher. It is exciting to get to push myself further, too!

I received a text message from a student the other day that said she was mindlessly working on things around the house, listening to music, when a piece from her older repertoire came on. She started singing along, and without much thought she was sailing through sections that used to be difficult, with ease. The technique we have been working on is becoming easier and more natural for her. She thanked me for doing my job. My response to her, and I am saying this now to all of my students, is THANK YOU for doing the work. YOU are the reason the technique we are building is working. The gift and the talents and the passion come from you. I help open the door to what you already hold inside yourself.

It is each and every one of my students that push me to go to work happily every day. It is watching this type of growth, the opening eyes of a singer, which makes me so excited. I have many students preparing for auditions right now- getting so excited to implement with more confidence all the things we have been working on. It is just as exciting for me to watch them go. The burst of energy, the excitement, the desire to learn more as fast as they can, to prepare and conquer the next obstacle is amazing. So, as I go through my own personal struggles, I watch this excitement- I soak up their energy- and I push through. Thank you, students. You have no idea the impact you make on me as well. Here’s to us… helping each other grow.


Thank you for reading my blog post!

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