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Have you ever felt like the world was just trying to make you non-productive? This morning, as on most mornings, I woke up earlier than my young one so that I can cross a few things off my to-do list before she wakes. This is something I do so I can start my day with her a little less stressed… a little more focused… already feeling productive. Today, however, I have managed to encounter every little technological annoyance possible. So, here I sit, blogging. The one thing I can finally get my computer to do… type. Good grief.

Spinning Wheel of Death

It is kind of crazy that I feel like I cannot be productive without my technology working, but it is the way of things these days. My list of work for this morning consisted of creating invoices and sending emails- all things I cannot do with the spinning wheel of death laughing at me from my computer screen. I can only waste so much time waiting it out. “So, move on”, you say… well… I wish I could. My larger list is compiled of technologically related tasks: searching for music, researching, reading teaching articles, compiling receipts and invoices, emailing, creating online ads, scanning in music to my computer.

I have what you might call a computer from the stone ages. I am the proud owner of a Macbook from … 2006. My Iphone… a 4. They don’t even make those anymore. And to be honest, my phone was old when I got it two years ago. These little techno gems are awesome. Fearless little warriors taking on the never ending tasks of running a business while being a mom and performer. I only have the best, most updated calendar and list apps possible, as you can imagine. Keep in mind that none of those work on my computer. Yeah… she is an oldie… not such a goodie. My poor little phone takes the brunt of it all.

The world today revolves around technology. Even if I was to bring out a paper and pencil to start a blog-post, I would just have to type it all up later, anyway… so, that’s cool. To succeed in the business world, regardless of what your business is, you must have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn profile… Google+… [insert one of a hundred social media names here]. Preferably you have a website and blog as well. So much of my time revolves around posting to social media. At least half my work consists of updating other people on my life and business.

I am not complaining. This crazy world of social media helps make my business noticeable. No one from across town… or across the country… would be able to find me otherwise- a private voice teacher and singer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Now, anyone can Google me and voila! There I am- my profiles, my headshot, website and blog! Tah-dah! An audience! Business!

Social Media Attack

So… what do you do when the Internet breaks, when your wireless goes out… when your computer is so old it can’t think straight, or when your Iphone is so full it can’t function? Upgrade your to-do list. Make your day count. If you can’t work at 6am like planned… clean the bathroom, start the laundry, make the little one’s lunch. Don’t let this crazy techno world get the best of you. There will always be more work. Get at it. Or… just drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the quite for a moment.

Thank you for reading my blog post!

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